January 24, 2018

Lifestyle Pictures Of Senior Citizens

Making Life Images Fun

At times lifestyle pictures of senior citizens can be fun and playful. Hence the case in this photo. The assignment was a road trip. Spend a few days on a bus with a group of senior citizens from a retirement resort touring a few tourists spot in south Florida. Check out the alligator farm and pirate ship boat ride to name just two. As part of their advertising campaign, the home wanted to show in their brochures that their elderly residents know how to have a good time. And party they did. More so on the bus. But try to borrow a newspaper from any one these spry creatures with the thought of taking away their precious crossword puzzle and you got cold stares and grunts. You'd think you were taking away their Lobster Pot special. Fierce bunch they were I must say.

So you can see spending hours on the bus still brings up fond memories. This photograph of two male buddies tooting on their kazoos and I'll be honest here, took some bribing. The women were more eager to put away their crossword puzzles although guarded and safely secured out of my reach. I think their enthusiasm just made the men more annoyed. To combat the female charge, the men resorted to loud, vigorous playing of assorted ballads that overlapped causing just plain noise. But once I became band leader I righted the ship a sing-a-long erupted to my delight.

Why am I telling you all this? A lifestyle photographer needs to direct the action or at least get the ball rolling. If I had left it up to my new pals chances were they'd go back to their puzzles or nap. Once off the bus and boarded the pirate ship they group were good sports and partook in most of the ship's activity director's plans although once again I had to take the lead. When the dance music started it was like watching a elementary school dance where men and women sat opposite each other. So I asked a lady to dance and along the way I started to take her pictures. Well, that started the stampede. More women ventured out on the deck and joined the dancing with a few men who quickly saw an opening.

And then one of the sweethearts pinched me!


kazoos ©Frank Marchese

The right personality of a lifestyle photographer is so important. Without being so outgoing, a photographer can miss the shots. It's good for a photographer to have more energy than the subjects he's shooting. Obviously in the case of this shoot it wasn't too far stretch.