December 14, 2017

Shooting Kids In Advertising Campaigns

Advertising Strategies That Work

One of the joys of being an advertising photographer is to work shooting kids in advertising campaigns. This photo was done for a furniture company. It's obvious that your eye goes to the little painter and that the furniture is an after thought. This type of passive advertising works because of the bold yellow colored shape that frames the boy. Using a strong graphic in a composition sets the mood of the picture. This photo would have been less successful if I had chosen to shoot without the color paint leaving just a monochromatic field of off-white.


© Frank Marchese Photography

At the top of the photo is room for a headline or if the art director chose to run a spread ad this photo could take up one full page leaving the other page for the client's message. All of what I just said has to be worked out before hand. Knowing graphic design helps photo composition. How important is it to place our little painter in the center of the the chairs? Take a look at the ladder. It sits in the center of the frame like a rocket pointed toward the sky. The composition works because with the help of the ladder, your eye is drawn upward at the boy. That's where the action is.

The boy is doing something in the photo. He's believable. It's as if a moment in time has been captured. And it has. A parent of young children might be thinking the worst is yet to come. When will the boy spill paint on the chairs? There's already a paint can on one of the chairs. Horrors indeed! In advertising you want the consumer to react to your visual. How long can you hold the consumer's attention? Keep them there looking at the picture long enough and it will be remembered.

Good graphics, color and creativity holds good composition together. Shooting kids in advertising campaigns can be memorable. It just starts with a simple idea. Then you need to execute that idea.




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