December 14, 2017

Location Photography – We Love Tomorrowland

...Commentary by Be A Photo Ninja

Whether you're into location photography or not, a good idea of finding the right place to make your photographs can often make all the difference in the world in making successful and unique images that are recognized as unique to you and your way of seeing as a photographer. If you are serious about learning how to make better photographs then you really can't leave things to chance. You need to think about what you need to do in order to create a photographic image that takes it from being a lucky snapshot to one that is more compelling, inspiring, wondrous or mysterious to those that view it.

I recently came across a great photo shoot series called Tomorrowland by Paris based photographer Ben Sandler. The Tomorrowland shoot was inspired by the TV show Mad Men and was shot at the mid century modernism masterpiece Maison Carre outside of Paris. With a sharp eye for detail Sandler captures the feel of the upwardly mobile swing sixties in this series of photographs. While first observation is that these are straight forward photographs, perhaps typical of what one would expect to see in a fashion layout, closer observation reveals that they are in fact location photography from a very altered perspective of reality.

Tomorrowland is a glimpse into a world that only exists in the mind of the photographer/artist who dreamt it up and was able to create a credible facsimile of it based on his skills as a very good photographer/artist, and his dedication to finding the right location to make the photographs appear credible

One of the best things that has happened to photography in the last 10 or so years is the ability to manipulate your imagery in the computer with all kinds of software to create photographs that appear to be real yet are made up fantasies where the event being recorded might never of occurred but the ability to composite in a realistic manner leads us to see and believe we are looking at an actual event or place where the image was made.

While its important to remember that the photographs made by Mr. Sandler were actual places and events that he modified with the aide of the computer, the credibility of the photography is due in large part to the location he chose and how he used the place to achieve the desired look he wanted.

I know I often find myself photographing empty scenes or locations that I find interesting with the hopes of being able to use them down the road either for a commercial assignments or with the hopes that I can use the shots down the road to build an altered reality photographic image of some kind.

In a perfect world photographers would have the ability to develop an idea for their photo shoot, getting the right models and props together and just go the location to make the photographs but things don't always lend themselves to that. You may find yourself in a great spot sometime with no model or a clue as to how you might use the shot, only knowing in your gut that it is a location or place you should photograph right then. You might not have a clear use for the photograph of the place or the location when you take it, but it might prove to be the missing link you need to create a photo masterpiece of your own.

See more of Ben Sandler's photographs where the place tells a story from his unique point of view.


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...Commentary by Be A Photo Ninja

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