December 14, 2017

How To Photograph Children

In Child Photography Patience Is A Virtue

For a photographer knowing how to photograph children is an advantage to those that are patient. And when a child loses focus you can pretty much kiss the session goodbye. On the other hand when you have children you can direct, than good results usually occur. Parents looking to hire a professional child photographer have in the past chose to go the route of the classic family portrait studio. An alternative would be to take the picture outside. These black and white photographs were literally shot in the family's backyard. Familiar territory, realistic, honest - all true. Finding comfort in their own surroundings helps children relax and brings a personal element to the photo.

If you have children then you know first hand that they can be pretty active. What I enjoy in a child's portrait is bringing out the quietness that these children have inside them. No more, no less. Look at me through the camera lens I tell them. These photos were lit only by the sun using no fill light. Very little direction was given other than sit here and stand there. The children did the rest. Sat down how he wanted to sit. Leaned against the wall how she wanted to stand. All that was left to do was tell them to stare back at me through my lens.

Brother and Sister

Brother and Sister ©Frank Marchese

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