December 14, 2017

About Us

So if you have landed on this site you are probably wondering, what it's all about. Well, hopefully this is going to turn into a fun place to see and learn a bit about photography, featuring photos that we have personally taken, and photos we wished we had taken.

We have no idea where this blog is going yet, but hope it'll be a fun place to get your photo groove on, and be a PhotoNinja. We hope you like what we are doing and would love to hear from you. If you have ideas about what you want to see happen on the site, please make a comment.


Frank Marchese

Portrait of Frank-Marchese © Michael Fielder

In the mid seventies after graduating from the University of Connecticut, I accompanied an art director friend on a shoot he had to cover in New York City. Spending the day at still life photographer Michael O'Neill's studio changed my life. His portfolio blew me away. Gorgeous models stopped in for hugs and kisses. I knew right away - I wanted this life. So a month later I roamed the streets in search of employment until a lead led me to an up-and-coming Japanese photographer named Hashi. We met in a cramped diner where over coffee he asked to see my palm. After analyzing it he offered me a job. I was hired and fired by him 3 times before I settled into an assistant position for good. What he taught me about lighting affects me to this day.

After over 30 years in the commercial advertising field, doing assignment work for numerous advertising agencies and corporations, being published in Communication Arts magazine, American Photography, The One Show, and having exhibited at the Wadsworth Atheneum, I am still learning. I never asked him what he saw in my palm that day at the diner. I like to think it had something to do with passion because I still have it.

Scott Van Sicklin


Scott VanSicklin

Scott VanSicklin is a commercial photographer who has worked with numerous advertising agencies, design studio, and corporations for over 25 years. He has been the recipient of numerous local and national recognition awards and merit awards for photography. Personal and commercial work has been seen in traveling exhibitions as well as publications, books and journals in Europe, Asia, and Australia. He is a former member of Connecticut Art Directors Club and the New York Art Directors Club, and a current member of the American Society Of Media Photographers.

Scott is an out side the box creative thinker and problem solver, his passion is in the creative process itself. He is a master at working and manipulating light both in the controlled atmosphere of the studio and the ever changing environment found on location. He has comfortable working with any camera format you can imagine, having once made a 4x5 Polaroid based pinhole camera that he used to photograph and print a PSA campaign that ended up wining best of show in the Connecticut Art Directors Club annual awards show.

Like most photographers working commercially today Scott has transitioned into digital photography and has replaced the chemical darkroom with the digital darkroom. All of the work he now does utilizes his Macintosh computer to some degree. Much of the work he is now doing encompasses much more than what would be considered straight photography, rather it is moving towards the new frontier hybrid encompassing photography, design, motion, and publishing.