December 14, 2017

The Art Of Fine Art Photography

The art of fine art photography to a creative photographer revolves around a personal vision. An artistic journey in which case the artist himself leads the viewer down. The photographer who works on his art does it without any commercial intent. But sometimes art and commerce meet. And when it does the photographer can gain some financial rewards.

Sling Shot

Sling Shot © Frank Marchese

Over the years I have seen many advertising agencies take the work of fine art photographers and use this work for their client's campaigns. Even if the artist's photograph is never used for commercial purposes, the work can spin off other create ideas for the ad agency creatives. Ideas regardless if they are original or not are often copied and exploited. Even if the artist isn't hired to shoot the paying assignment, sometimes the work is still adapted to look somewhat similar and in some cases blatant plagiarism rears its ugly head.

Many photographers enjoy commercial success as well as reigning fine art photography status. Photographers who make their living shooting assignment work often make time for themselves working on their personal vision. They will seek out opportunities to show off this new work sometimes in their commercial portfolio and other times to gallery owners. Fine art photographers usually stay clear of selling their work commercial to agencies. One reason may be the lack of desire to do so, or their lack of commercial contacts. Yet sometimes as luck would have it for the fine art photographer, commercial possibilities can find them.

If the fine art photographer gets awarded commercial exposure of his work chances are the artist has found a new audience. And with exposure may come creative fame.

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