December 14, 2017

Senior Photography – Making Your Ethnic Representation Honest

I get tired of the same senior photography I always see of couples walking hand and hand along pristine beaches or sitting snuggled, perched upon expensive yachts in advertising ads. Or those painful faces portrayed by this same group in pharmaceutical print ads. Come on. One is a tired stock photography cliche and the other doesn't pull at my heart strings. I'm for keeping things real. I'd like to see other slices of life that doesn't revolve around Caucasian couple too. Those ads are out there but there should be more.

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family wedding @Frank Marchese

This photo was taken for a pharmaceutical company.

What went into this shoot: I used a continuous lighting set-up inside and outside the room. The emphasis was obviously on the dad and not on the bride. The daughter's attention were solely on their father. Dad is happy. It's a joyous time for him because - and here is where the meds come into play - dad has taken his "pain medication" which looking a the photo appears to be working. Just keeping it real folks! Wink. Wink.

Here is another example of keeping it real. Going from a wedding set-up to birthday party set-up. The idea behind this was having the grandfather wake up from a nap only to be surprised by his lovely grandchildren who have placed their presents on his lap. What I did - I told the grandfather to close his eyes as if he was taking a nap. Off to the side I told the children to carefully place the gifts on his lap without trying to wake him. To the kids surprise, grandfather played along, woke up and I tried to capture the moment of surprise. This only worked a few times. Once the children knew what to expect, the surprise element faded. Since I knew this was going to be the case, I did a pre-light with my portable flashes with the grandfather without the children. I didn't want them to sense what I was planning for them. Anytime you have seniors move in your photograph it's worth doing.


Grandparent With Kids © Frank Marchese

Pushing a young boy on a swing by the grandfather shows a connection of family. It shows an active senior helping his young grandchild doing what his father might have done for him years ago. A simple playful act performed without thought any parent would have done if a swing set happened to be near by. The photo shows a happy and pride grandfather full of energy. To add some drama, again I tilted my camera to emphasis the angle of the senior, pushing the senior toward the camera instead of standing him upright. Although the photo isn't blurry, one gets the sense of movement just by the angle of the grandparent. Because the shot was taken in the shadows of the trees, I lit the subjects with a portable strobe and also balanced in the natural sunlight.


Boy On Swing © Frank Marchese

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