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Lifestyle Pictures Of Senior Citizens

Making Life Images Fun At times lifestyle pictures of senior citizens can be fun and playful. Hence the case in this photo. The assignment was a road trip. Spend a few days on a bus with a group of senior citizens from a retirement resort touring … [Read More...]

Shooting Kids In Advertising Campaigns

Advertising Strategies That Work One of the joys of being an advertising photographer is to work shooting kids in advertising campaigns. This photo was done for a furniture company. It's obvious that your eye goes to the little painter and that the … [Read More...]

How To Photograph People Of Different Color

Studio Lighting And The Effects On Skin Tone Many amateur photographers can get hung up on how to photograph people of different color when taking a portrait using studio lighting. If you know how to control your lighting then it really isn't that … [Read More...]

Senior Photography – Making Your Ethnic Representation Honest

I get tired of the same senior photography I always see of couples walking hand and hand along pristine beaches or sitting snuggled, perched upon expensive yachts in advertising ads. Or those painful faces portrayed by this same group in … [Read More...]

How To Photograph Children

In Child Photography Patience Is A Virtue For a photographer knowing how to photograph children is an advantage to those that are patient. And when a child loses focus you can pretty much kiss the session goodbye. On the other hand when you have … [Read More...]

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Location Photography – We Love Tomorrowland

...Commentary by Be A Photo Ninja Whether you're into location photography or not, a good idea of finding the right place to make your photographs can often make all the difference in the world in making successful and unique images that are … [Read More...]

Urban America – Street Photography

Here is a little bit of Vienna from my travel photography log. It's street photography meets landscape photography in an urban setting. The photo was taken years ago when I was shooting only film. Yes, it's a lot of grain, but that adds to the … [Read More...]

Shooting Into Mirrors

There is something about shooting into mirrors that pulls on one's visual senses. It's as if the photographer is removed from scene, more of an observer than a recorder. The reflective image becomes less confrontational, more sublime, timeless. The … [Read More...]

So You Want To Be A Fashion Photographer

Learning fashion photography may put you on a pedestal for success. If you make it shooting for fashion designers and fashion magazines, you will be known internationally, meet globally renowned clients, and understand the world of glamour. Your … [Read More...]

Vivian Maier The Greatest Unknown Street Photographer

Why do we love great street photography, and why is it so hard to do well? Recently I became aware of the great street photographer Vivian Maier, who passed away leaving behind a legacy of over five decades worth of work as as an amateur … [Read More...]

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Photography Workshops Help Hone Your Skills

Classes In Photography For Beginners Photography workshops are worth the investment maybe more so than the price you paid for your expensive camera. Because if you do not know how to properly use the camera then you just wasted your money. But … [Read More...]

The Art Of Fine Art Photography

The art of fine art photography to a creative photographer revolves around a personal vision. An artistic journey in which case the artist himself leads the viewer down. The photographer who works on his art does it without any commercial intent. But … [Read More...]

Model Portfolios

Model Portfolios I am often asked by parents looking for information about how to get their children into modeling. Many young children do not have to go through the process and expense of putting together a portfolio of pictures of themselves. … [Read More...]

RansomGram Picture Message App

The RansomGram iOS picture message app makes sharing your photos with a message easy and fun! Available in the Apple App Store. Download it Today! It's FREE! How To Use The RansomGram App … [Read More...]

Thinking Of Shooting Stock Photography

How Best To Sell Your Stock Pictures Thinking of developing a stock photography library with the intention of selling images to stock photo agencies or directly to advertising art buyers or magazine photo editors? Consider shooting what you know … [Read More...]

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